Personal Identification Cards

Non-Government Personal Identification Cards

provide by IAA Inc.

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  • IAA Inc. provides private (non-governement) high quality identification cards for $20.00 for 1 year.

    Our identification cards made in a plastic with magnetic stribe and holograms.

    You can always use your identification card like second id almost all over the world.

    We accept credit and debit cards, Western Union, Money Orders.

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    Why do you need Identification Card?

    Quality of the ID Cards? Our company has produced millions of ID cards for people across the nation. We have always stood behind the quality of our product and we are proud of the service and cards we provide our customers.

    We use the best equipment to produce your custom Photo ID Cards. There is an immense difference between what can be produced with standard ID card printers and what can be produced when high caliber equipment is used.

    Because of the equipment we use, your cards are a vibrant print quality and have true over the edge printing. This type of printing commonly comes at a premium price. If you have been to other plastic card sites that have higher prices for “high quality”, “premium” or “full color” cards, it’s because they are using this type of equipment. All of the cards ordered through our company are produced using “re-transfer printing”. It’s this re-transfer process that has the end result that causes you to take notice.

    Ultimately, this means that every card we print is absolutely beautiful. If you choose a full color background or border, the color goes all the way to the edge and leaves no blank areas. Each ID card comes out with a shine because of the thin clear laminate that covers them. This thin laminate causes each card to shine like a high gloss picture. Often this is an extra feature offered by many companies, but we call it a standard.

    Our customers come from many different industries and we mention them to help you determine other uses for your Photo ID cards. 

    Also we are providing an international driver's licenses all countries of the world. Would you like to request an international driver's license?

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